Dentistry for Children

Preventive and Doagnostic

We love kids! Dr. Bilow has five children of his own, and he understands how important it is to make a dental appointment a positive experience.

When they have cavities, our younger patients really appreciate the benefits of laser dentistry, which allows us to provide treatment without shots or drilling or pain. We also use the laser to perform frenectomies (cutting the excess tissue between the two front teeth) in our office, a procedure that would usually have to be done under anesthesia in a surgeon’s office. With this laser procedure, your child has no bleeding and no post-op pain.

Kids especially enjoy the special “Kids Days” that we hold in our office three times a year on school holidays. On these days, we cater to kids, bringing in entertainers (a balloon artist or a magician) and three hygienists.

We also offer Toothprints, a simple, easy-to-use system that allows us to make an impression of your child’s dental bite in case it should ever be required for identification.

We love our young patients. Children quickly relax in the chair to watch their favorite tv shows. Special lights are bright for the dentist and hygienist to see but glare free to the patients.

Preventive and Diagnostic


Early Bite Correction Without Braces

Even distribution of force during biting is an important aspect of oral health.  If there are misalignments of the teeth affecting the bite, loose teeth, tight muscles and headaches, and tooth sensitivity or even teeth chipping can result.  Adjustments can be made to the appropriate teeth in the exact location needed. The adjustments are made using a specialized dental instrument and the procedure is usually painless. As the muscles begin to relax, there will be changes to the bite over time. For this reason, a series of appointments are usually needed until the bite gradually adjusts and symptoms lessen or disappear altogether.

Indicators that adjustment may be needed:

•tooth movement
•change in bite 
•grinding or clenching teeth
•tightness in the jaw
•headaches near the eye or jaw area
•tooth sensitivity to heat, cold or sweets